Berry-licious Parfait for Dad!


Just in time for Father’s Day, here’s an easy breezy berry parfait kids can make for dads’ special day. If you can get to a farm to pick your own strawberries, what a sweet way to celebrate and spoil dad.

Here’s a step-by-step recipe for berry fun with dad!

FK Strawberry 9A

And what’s sweeter than being able to pick your own fresh berries straight from the vine?

Picking your own produce, seeing first hand where it comes from, and how it is grown, is such an amazing lesson for children. A lesson that plants the seed of healthy eating, and the love for farm fresh foods, for a lifetime.

Searching for the berries is half the fun, as they tend to hide under the leafy plants.

FK Strawberry 6A

Finding a perfect strawberry is a thrilling experience! We looked for ripe strawberries with an even, deep red hue on all sides. A gentle squeeze will tell you if the berry has fully matured, as a ripe strawberry will be slightly soft to the touch.

FK Strawberry 11A

Continue picking until you have at least a quart of berries. Berries then need to be washed, and cut in half in preparation for the snack.


Time to create our snack! The Super Berry Parfait is perfect for all the Super Dads out there. The simple layering of the ingredients makes a beautiful striped appearance. The ease of the recipe makes it a fun activity suitable for children, and can be done anywhere.

 The simple, farm fresh ingredients:

  • Strawberries – washed and cut in half
  • Blueberries – washed
  • Farm Fresh Yogurt
  • Cups (We used mason jars! A clear container is best so you can see the striped layering)
  • Spoons

Step 1:

Create a base by adding strawberries to the cup or jar. Be sure to add enough to cover the entire bottom of the container.

FK Strawberry 14A

Step 2:

Add yogurt on top of the berries- cover the berries creating a distinct layer.


Step 3:

Add fresh blueberries on top of the yogurt.


Step 4:

Add another layer of yogurt on top on the blueberries.


Step 5:

A final layer of strawberries on top.


You may need to add additional layers depending on your cup height. Other seasonal summer fruit, such as raspberries, could also be used in exchange of the strawberries!


Step 6:

Enjoy! A delicious and healthy snack to share with dad on his special day.

 Wishing all dads a very happy and healthy Father’s Day!

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