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Spaghetti Squash for a Spring Menu Plan

BY: JESSICA SERDIKOFF, RD | www.floptimism.com Even though Spring officially started a few weeks back, April will always mark the true change of seasons for me. March is still a time of transition here along the East coast, but April! April steps onto the scene with a warm, bright confidence. My favorite flowers start to […]


Fun and Fresh Easter Ideas

BY: JESSICA SERDIKOFF, RD | www.floptimism.com How wonderful it is to have an early Easter that coincides with the official start of Spring! I like to think of Spring as a fresh start, and so what better way to celebrate Easter than with some fun and fresh ideas? From Easter eggs to basket, I’ve brought […]

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Weekly Kids’ Menu Plan – Dietitian, Mom & Kids Approved!

BY: JESSICA SERDIKOFF, RD | www.floptimism.com & MAI KADISH https://www.instagram.com/almondandfig Are you in a recipe rut for healthy family meals? Well, we’re here to help! With a little inspiration from Martha Stewart! (We’re so proud to have our own Fresh Kids profile page on MarthaStewart.com where we can share our healthy and positive message.) We loved collaborating […]

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Hot Date for Valentine’s Day

BY: JESSICA SERDIKOFF, RD | www.floptimism.com Photo Credit: MARIE SABA | www.cocinamarie.com Part 2 in Jessica’s Special Dietitian-Approved Valentine’s Sweets Series! More sweet and tasty treats for Valentine’s Day – this recipe is all about those hot dates! (And for Marie’s homemade Valentine’s Day photo-cards, you can find – and download – the whole yummy series […]

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Healthier Chocolate Treats & Sweets for Your Valentines

BY: JESSICA SERDIKOFF, RD | www.floptimism.com Part 2 in Jessica’s Special Dietitian-Approved Valentine’s Sweets Series! Chocolate is everywhere at Valentine’s Day. “Tis the season for love and sweets! So, let’s make it all about creamy chocolate, but let’s make it healthier. Here are some healthier versions of Valentine’s sweets that are sure to make chocolate-lovers’ hearts skip a […]

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Valentine’s Sweets from a Dietitian

BY: JESSICA SERDIKOFF, RD | www.floptimism.com Is there anything more nostalgic than thinking back to Valentine’s Day when you were a child, or viewing the holiday from the eyes of your own children? We make such a big deal about holiday food, and not for nothing – the chocolates! The candy! But that’s not really […]

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Terrific Trail Mix

BY: JESSICA SERDIKOFF, RD | www.floptimism.com Snacking is an important part of a child’s diet, but it doesn’t have to be a source of stress. By pairing Fresh Kids natural products with other super-healthy, super-yummy foods, we can take back snack-time once and for all – and love every bite! I created this Dietitian-Approved Snack Series, to share […]


Popcorn is the Super Snack of the Year

Popcorn is just perfectly positive. Whole grains, fiber and antioxidants are wrapped up in this simple and clean snack. Have you tried our Fresh Kids Clean & Simple Popcorn yet? We’re in love! Everybody loves popcorn—the big-kahuna of all snack foods! Did you know that popcorn was discovered in the Americas thousands of years ago? […]