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Mom with a Mission

BY: DIJONNA WAGNER | Fresh Kids + Generation Fresh 2017 Intern | University of Virginia Darden School of Business I work for the co-founders of Fresh Kids, an independent, woman-owned, mission-driven healthy snack food company for kids. I hope you’ll enjoy the story of how I got here… I tried for years to be happy at […]

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5 Fresh Ideas for Healthy Food Habits

BY AQUILA MENDEZ-VALDEZ | www.hauteintexas.com I am by no means a nutritionist, but five years into this motherhood thing my philosophy on raising kids to be healthy eaters has changed drastically. In my naive pre-children days, I thought I would be the mom whose kids are eating butternut squash and tofu from day one. I thought […]

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Party Food for Kids with Pretzel Stix

Bringing Back the Crudite We couldn’t help but bring back this post from 2016. Whether planning a toddler princess tea party or simply feeding a band of hungry kids, the crudité has a special place in our hearts. As Helen Rosner of Saveur explains, the crudité is the only place where radishes become roses and nature’s […]

FreshKids Pretzel Stix & Bird
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Fun with Pretzel Stix

BY SELENA KOHNG | www.howaboutcookie.com FIND THE FUN AND KEEP AT IT My first child has always been a champion eater. From the moment his lips touched solid food as a baby, everything was a delight: sweet potatoes, peas, yogurt, and eventually olives, sweet peppers, veal, curried chickpeas, ratatouille — you name it, I furiously […]

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Other Great “50’s” We LOVE this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day WEEK is upon us! No doubt many of us have already done the obligatory Valentine’s craft with the kids, AND if you’re really good, you’ve finished putting together all those little cards for your kids’ class. So what now? In honor of our debut 50-pack Pretzel Stix at Sam’s Club (you can also find them […]

Thanksgiving Tasting
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Thanksgiving Food Tasting for Kids

BY ANNA JULIEN | www.thebabybumpdiaries.com Thanksgiving is all about spending quality time with family and enjoying a meal together. As a parent of a young toddler however, holiday gatherings can bring about a little stress. Toddlers thrive on routines and holidays are anything but the norm. Two-year-olds are unpredictable at best – I never know […]

Cute Little Girl Praying
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Teaching Children Gratitude

BY CINDY GORDON | www.VegetarianMamma.com It seems that this time of year, we like to take a step back to be thankful. While we should be practicing gratitude all year long, this is a perfect chance to practice the art of gratitude with your children. So what exactly does gratitude mean? Gratitude is being able […]

Hummus Bar
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Hummus Bar for Kids

How Hummus Can Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods Originally published on MarthaStewart.com Looking for fresh ideas to get your picky eaters to try new foods? Mai Kakish of Almond & Fig recalls how, in her family, hummus was used to inspire a vibrant, family-friendly tasting bar. Growing up, hummus was a staple in […]