Thanksgiving Tasting
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Thanksgiving Food Tasting for Kids

BY ANNA JULIEN | Thanksgiving is all about spending quality time with family and enjoying a meal together. As a parent of a young toddler however, holiday gatherings can bring about a little stress. Toddlers thrive on routines and holidays are anything but the norm. Two-year-olds are unpredictable at best – I never know […]

Cute Little Girl Praying
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Teaching Children Gratitude

BY CINDY GORDON | It seems that this time of year, we like to take a step back to be thankful. While we should be practicing gratitude all year long, this is a perfect chance to practice the art of gratitude with your children. So what exactly does gratitude mean? Gratitude is being able […]

Hummus Bar
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Hummus Bar for Kids

How Hummus Can Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods Originally published on Looking for fresh ideas to get your picky eaters to try new foods? Mai Kakish of Almond & Fig recalls how, in her family, hummus was used to inspire a vibrant, family-friendly tasting bar. Growing up, hummus was a staple in […]

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Healthy Halloween Recipes

BY ANNA JULIEN | Fall has officially descended upon New York City, bringing along colder temperatures, beautiful foliage, and of course Halloween. My two-year-old daughter started her first year of preschool in September, which means more Halloween parties and definitely more sugar. Up until this point, I haven’t really exposed her to candy, but […]

Whole Grain Spidres
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Healthy & Fun Halloween Snacks

BY LISA CAMERON | Sugary. Sticky. Sweet. Those are the first words that come to mind when I think of Halloween snacks. From candy apples to ghoulish cupcakes, Halloween has become one big sugar fest. Not to mention all the goodies the kids collect trick or treating. Before you send your little goblins out […]

Holidays in the country - little boy feeds a goat
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Visiting Local Farms for a Day of Fun

BY CINDY GORDON | We teach our children about farms from a young age. We start with nursery rhymes and songs such as ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm.’ Visiting a farm can be a magical learning experience for your little one. Endless learning awaits at the farm. Farm visits can provide language development opportunities, […]

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Kicking Off Summer with Clean & Simple Fun

BY CINDY GORDON | Summer is almost upon us and school will soon be letting out for what might seem like a few short weeks. With the kids home, it is time to create some memories and enjoy each other. As you may remember reading in January that my goal this year was to […]

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POR WENDY DEL ORBE Wendy is a FreshKids Mom Ambassador and has been cheering on FreshKids from the start. You can find Wendy at many of our events with her son, sharing samples, stickers and smiles. And she cheers us on in English and Spanish. Wendy shares her message here, in her native language Spanish, to answer […]