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What time is it? It’s tea time!

BY CINDY GORDON | www.VegetarianMamma.com Tea parties can be a fun experience for your entire family. One of my children’s favorite things to do is have a tea party when their grandma comes over. In our house, we have Little Men Tea Parties.  You see, tea parties are not just for girls! What you need […]

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BY CINDY GORDON | www.VegetarianMamma.com How does your garden grow? Mommy, how do we get our food? How does our food grow?  These curious questions are ones that my little ones have asked.  These are great questions. As a caregiver you can provide ample hands-on opportunities to demonstrate the answers to these questions, especially this […]

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Kids Having Fun with Food at Freshmade NYC

WE ARE FRESH KIDS! And we love having fun with food! We recently hosted a Foodie Play Date at Freshmade NYC. Our Fresh Kids Foodie discovered Freshmade NYC during his food adventures last year. We brought Fresh Kids friends together for an afternoon of cooking, crafting and storytime fun with good foods. The wonderful teachers at Freshmade NYC […]

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Valentine’s Popcorn Hearts

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! We loved collaborating with Cara Reed of Fork and Beans for this super-yummy Valentine’s sweet treat. Fresh Kids Clean & Simple Popcorn has never looked this sweet – and gorgeous – ever! And still clean and simple ingredients – with a Valentine’s kiss. Valentine’s Day candy is everywhere this […]

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A Vibrant Hummus Bar for Kids

We loved collaborating with Mai Kakish of Almond and Fig to create an amazing and vibrant Hummus Bar. What a super way to get picky eaters to try new foods! See the full article here on MarthaStewart.com – How Hummus Can Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods. About Mai and Almond & Fig – […]

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Kids’ Crudite for Martha Stewart

We loved collaborating with Anna Julien of The Baby Bump Diaries to create a delicious and fun kids’ party crudite platter for MarthaStewart.com.  Just in time for Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day parties! See the full article here – Party Food for Kids: A Fun Veggie and Fruit Crudite Platter.  

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Martha Stewart Contributor Network

Together with the moms and women who are growing Fresh Kids with us, we are so proud to join the Martha Stewart Contributor Network! The Fresh Kids Team can now be found sharing healthy creativity and content at Martha Stewart’s online community. The Martha Stewart Contributor Network is a is an ever-growing group of creative makers, small […]

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5 Tips for a Healthy Family-Focused Valentine’s Day

BY CINDY GORDON | www.VegetarianMamma.com February 14th is fast approaching. Before we know it, Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as the day of love, will be upon us. So how exactly did Valentine’s Day come to exist? Where did the need for candy, flowers and gifts come from? Where did these traditions start? The month of […]