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Snacks for Good!

We are on a SNACK MISSION –   to bring healthful, good foods to kids everywhere! Why did we start with a SNACK MISSION? Because we believe in a healthy and happy world for kids. And we believe that ALL kids should have access to good foods – even kids living in food deserts. What’s […]

Pretzel Stix
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Healthy Kids and Healthy Schools

Pretzel Stix are a Smart Snack*! Fresh Kids is on a mission to bring real foods to all kids. True to this mission, Fresh Kids specifically created the Whole-Grain & Honey-Kissed Pretzel Stix tray to get kids healthy all across America. Fresh Kids believes in a happy and healthy world for kids. FreshKids believes all kids […]

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Dietitians / Schools

Smart Snacks for Schools

What Makes Our Pretzels Smart? We love healthy schools and healthy kids! And that’s why we bake our Pretzel Stix with nutritious whole grains, to fuel kids’ minds and bodies! Pretzel Stix are Smart Snacks in School approved by the USDA and Alliance for a Healthier Generation. We care about making sure kids have healthier options while in school, to help kids develop […]

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Other Great “50’s” We LOVE this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day WEEK is upon us! No doubt many of us have already done the obligatory Valentine’s craft with the kids, AND if you’re really good, you’ve finished putting together all those little cards for your kids’ class. So what now? In honor of our debut 50-pack Pretzel Stix at Sam’s Club (you can also find them […]


Fresh Kids Popcorn Hearts

A Real Valentine’s Treat that’s Healthy AND Sweet?! We just had to bring back this post about Fresh Kids Clean & Simple Popcorn Hearts, in collaboration with Cara Reed at Fork and Beans. Absolutely love it – super easy, nothing artificial, and don’t forget, yummy. No doubt, whether you’re a parent or caregiver, teacher or grandparent, we’ve […]

Photo Credit: Common Threads
Giving & Growing Good

Common Threads is Cooking for Life

Giving Good, Growing Good | By Nana Boateng | Nature’s Spoonfuls Changing eating habits, one kid at a time.  Austin-based Common Threads was Founded by Chef Art Smith and artist Jesus Salgueiro in 2003, out of the belief that family and food have the power to nurture and strengthen us, to connect us to culture and […]

Photo Credit: Martha's Table, Joyful Food Markets
Giving & Growing Good

Martha’s Table – Setting the Table for All

Giving Good, Growing Good | By Nana Boateng | Nature’s Spoonfuls “We believe that every child deserves the opportunity for their brightest future, and a deeply engaged family and community committed to their success.” – Martha’s Table Martha’s Table began in 1979 as a result of the partnership between Dr. Veronica Maz and Father Horace […]

Photo Credit: Nancy Borowick
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Edible Schoolyard New York City

“We make the connections between food, health, and environment come alive for our students.” Giving Good, Growing Good | By Nana Boateng | Nature’s Spoonfuls Edible Schoolyard NYC partners with public schools to transform the hearts, minds, and eating habits of young New Yorkers through garden and kitchen classes integrated into the school day. Edible Schoolyard […]