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Fresh Food Starts with Mom

BY CHRYSTAL JOHNSON | I have always been one to juggle a lot. I don’t know why, but it’s just in my nature to take on more than I should. In college, I got the best grades when I took 18 units instead of 15. That extra class kept me on task – even if […]

FreshKids Moms

Find the Fun and Keep at It

BY SELENA KOHNG | My first child has always been a champion eater. From the moment his lips touched solid food as a baby, everything was a delight: sweet potatoes, peas, yogurt, and eventually olives, sweet peppers, veal, curried chickpeas, ratatouille — you name it, I furiously googled its recipe, and he ate it. […]

FreshKids Moms

7 Ways to Start Your Day Fresh

BY JULIE MEYERS PRON | Mornings aren’t always easy for our home. We’ve worked hard to find a fresh way to start our days, but with so many different personalities, it’s difficult to find what works best. Because not everything works for everyone, I find that starting my day fresh makes a world of difference to my […]

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FreshKids Moms

Healthy is All About Family

BY CLAUDIA KRUSCH | You know I have always been a busy mom, entrepreneur, running two businesses, volunteering work and hobbies. But living a healthy life has always been something I have pursued. My family has a history of high blood pressure and low metabolism, which propelled me to be on a diet since I […]

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Juggling Family, Food, and Healthy

BY KELLY WHALEN | There’s this myth that moms, and especially entrepreneural moms, can juggle it all. The myth claims we can be amazing homemakers, attentive spouses, loving parents, have an amazing career, and still have time leftover to whip up a healthy dinner. That isn’t real life by any stretch of the imagination. […]

FreshKids Moms

What Makes You a Fresh Mom?

BEING A FRESHMOM We asked Carin Kilby Clark, “What makes you a FreshMom?” As a Lifestyle Mentor and Parenting Expert, Carin guides busy moms on their quest to live on purpose and create a life full of simplified joy. She shares on her blog her personal story of her everyday journey to balance family, life […]

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POP-UP PICNIC | SAT, MAY 9th Port Jefferson, Long Island

POP-UP PICNIC – Saturday, May 9th | 1-3pm | Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York FreshKids and Sunpaddle of Long Island invite you to a POP-UP PICNIC!! We will be in the park next to the village center from 1-3pm. Look for the red balloons and paddleboards. And listen for music! Games, crafts, snacks! We hope to see you […]