Growing seeds of change.
Growing seeds of change.

Fresh Kids Mother’s Day Message

BY SUSANNE BROSE | | Originally published “Fresh Kids Begins with Gratitude” May 9, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day! Today, we begin Fresh Kids with gratitude.

I am grateful to share this incredible journey to grow Fresh Kids with you. Through a shared belief in a happy and healthy world, Fresh Kids is an extraordinary community of compassionate and creative people, who care deeply for the health and wellness of kids.

Fresh Kids is a celebration of the fresh spirit of kids and moms. We especially honor moms by sharing stories of amazing women, who juggle, balance, and keep life real, all the time. It is this dance of motherhood which connects all of us. Moms are the magic and momentum of life.

I never fully knew what it was to be a mother until I no longer had a mom. It was in this moment that I truly realized to be a mom is to be the world. It was mom – shortly after she was diagnosed with fast terminal cancer – who told me “You need to find happiness when I am gone. Go find a farm.” (She was native German, and orders were always short and to the point.) So, of course, I found a farm. And like all moms, she’s always right. It was on this farm that I eventually found happiness again.

At my farm, I worked hard to return the earth to meadow fields – where wildflowers bloom with nesting birds and butterflies, and rolling hills sparkle with a trillion summer night fireflies. I placed the land in conservation trust, to forever protect the land for future generations, to honor my mom and her natural spirit.

It was easy to live farm-to-table from neighboring farms and farmer’s markets. And I wanted to share this bounty and peace with others. Living an hour west of Washington, DC, it was hard not to hear rumblings and fighting about rising childhood obesity rates, childhood hunger and school food reform. I wanted to get involved. But, I did not want to fight. I wanted to become a solution. So I started listening and learning. I noticed grocery stores changing. And school cafeterias changing. Even convenience stores starting to change.

Yes, our food is getting healthier. We have better access to real, locally-sourced, clean, healthful, sustainable foods. That’s because as consumers we are demanding better-for-you foods. And food industry and markets are responding. We all have the power to change the food world.

But, if our food is getting healthier, why can’t ALL kids have access to healthier, real foods? Why do food deserts exist in this country? Why can’t we all have access to real, sustainable foods? Why are people still fighting about this?

So, together with my mom’s spirit, I planted the seeds for Fresh Kids. There, on a hillside, in the Virginia countryside, in the shadows of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, we started our Fresh Kids movement – with simple seeds of a dream, love and deep faith.

Fresh Kids believes in a happy and healthy world for kids. We believe all kids should have access to real, healthful foods.

I ask you to join our movement – help us grow Fresh Kids. We need you. We need your ideas, your creativity, your spirit, your grace, your love, and your trust. Fresh Kids is our shared dream and faith in a healthier future for kids.

Yes, it is the dance of motherhood that begins our movement. Dance with your children in the kitchen. Dance with an army of students in the school cafeteria. Dance with hungry kids in our Nation’s neighborhoods.

We all know it’s more fun to dance at a party. So, let’s get this party started. And let’s dance together, to grow a healthier generation of kids!

Please join the Fresh Kids and Fresh Moms community and conversation, to grow a healthier generation of kids! We hope you will consider sharing your story. Here are ways to get involved in the Fresh Mom conversation 

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