Fresh Kids Popcorn Hearts

A Real Valentine’s Treat that’s Healthy AND Sweet?!

We just had to bring back this post about Fresh Kids Clean & Simple Popcorn Hearts, in collaboration with Cara Reed at Fork and Beans. Absolutely love it – super easy, nothing artificial, and don’t forget, yummy.

No doubt, whether you’re a parent or caregiver, teacher or grandparent, we’ve all been thinking about Valentine’s Day for at least a couple of weeks. If you’re like me, you’re looking for the perfect combination of sweet and healthy. Something that shows your love for the little ones; something they just might remember. AND you don’t want to feel guilty about artificial ingredients, flashy packaging, and absurd amounts of sugar and sodium. So here you have it – the perfect combo.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us at Fresh Kids – and don’t forget to make a few extra treats for yourself!


Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

We loved collaborating with Cara Reed of Fork and Beans for this super-yummy Valentine’s sweet treat. Fresh Kids Clean & Simple Popcorn has never looked this sweet – and gorgeous – ever! And still clean and simple ingredients – with a Valentine’s kiss.

Valentine’s Day candy is everywhere this time of year. Why settle for the store-bought stuff when you can easily make your own treats with just a few all-natural ingredients? Instead of making rice cereal treats stuffed with marshmallows, try creating these Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn Hearts, where all-natural popcorn is the star ingredient.

See the full article and recipe here on MarthaStewart.comThe Best Valentine’s Day Candy? Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn Hearts!

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