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Healthy & Fun Halloween Snacks

BY LISA CAMERON | www.homeiswherethemouseis.com

Sugary. Sticky. Sweet. Those are the first words that come to mind when I think of Halloween snacks. From candy apples to ghoulish cupcakes, Halloween has become one big sugar fest. Not to mention all the goodies the kids collect trick or treating.

Before you send your little goblins out for trick or treating, fill their bellies with fresh Halloween snacks that will keep them energized, but not give them a sugar rush. Instead of the usual Halloween snacks, why not take a healthier approach this year. The everyday snacks your kids love are getting a Halloween makeover. We’re changing Halloween snacks’ adjectives to fresh, healthy and fun! These snacks are so festive; your kids won’t even miss the sweet stuff.

Halloween Popcorn Mix

Fresh Kids Clean and Simple Popcorn is magically transformed into a happy Halloween mix. The usual candy and nuts are swapped out for healthier options. Fluffy popcorn is mixed with sweet dried apple bits and plump dried mandarins. For an added crunch, I added pumpkin-spiced pumpkin seeds. The combination of sweet and salty is sure to please. Taking on the colors of Halloween, this mix makes a great ‘grab and go’ snack or something the kids could munch on throughout the night.

Popcorn Trail Mix

Spooky Spider Sandwiches

Before the merriment of trick or treating commences, give your kids a quick bite to eat. Mini Spooky Spider Sandwiches are just the thing. Cut two inch bread rounds using a biscuit cutter, small glass or a small dip container. Layer your kids’ favorite sandwich fillings inside two of the rounds. Mine are made from my kids’ favorite, peanut butter and jelly. Snap 4 Fresh Kids Pretzel Stix in half to make the spider’s legs. Place 4 halves on each side before closing the sandwich. Press to seal. Eerie eyes can be made from mini chocolate chips or raisins. These delicious sandwich bites will crawl away before your eyes.

Healthy Spiders

Cheesy Witches’ Brooms

Fresh Kids Pretzel Stix and string cheese come together to make an adorable and healthy snack, Cheesy Witches’ Brooms. These tasty appetizers will be flying off the table in no time. They all start with a string cheese stick cut into thirds. Insert a pretzel stick into one end of the cheese, but don’t push it all the way through. With a pair of clean kitchen scissors, cut the other end of the cheese to resemble a broom stick.

Witches Brooms

Round out your Halloween snacking menu with a bowl of fresh apples and clementine oranges.

With some creative touches and twists, Halloween can be transformed into a healthy celebration.

Have a spooktacular and yummy FreshKids Halloween!

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