Garden Seeds Growing Activity


Spring is just around the corner. And starting seeds is a great way to celebrate the season of growing and gardening with kids!

This egg-carton garden activity is a chance for children to gather some friends, to plant and grow their very own garden.  This fun project is an enjoyable and rewarding way to learn about seeds and how they grow. The project also plants the seed for the love of healthy foods, and nourishes a future love of gardening.


Egg carton gardens are perfect projects for children. The simplicity of this project is great – as it can be done with household materials, and can be grown in the smallest of spaces, apartments or urban environments included.

A bonus – the egg carton container serves two purposes – as a great separator for the seeds into planting pods, and is also a first-hand lesson in sustainability.

Gather together these materials:

  1. Recycled Egg Carton
  2. Potting Soil
  3. Seeds

Step 1:

Cut off the top of the egg carton at the hinge, and use this as a tray to place your egg-carton garden. Carefully fill egg-carton with potting soil, distributing evenly between the compartments. Pack the soil gently to ensure it has fully filled the compartments.

Step 2:

Seed Discovery! Use your Generation Fresh garden seeds – we chose to offer carrots, radishes, lettuce and sunflowers. These are easy to grow, and sprout in just a few weeks.

Remove the seeds from the packet. Children will love this part – as the seed look and size is always a surprise! Learning about the different seed textures and colors is a wonderful exploratory and sensory lesson.

Remember, to save your seed packet, as a reminder of the seeds growing in your egg-carton.

Step 3:

Time to play in the dirt! Have your little one gently poke holes into the soil within each compartment. This hole gives the seeds a space to be placed for growing. Distribute the seeds equally in the holes. We suggest 3-5 seeds per compartment, depending on the vegetable variety. (Be sure to always check the individual seed packets for growing directions.) Gently push the soil over the seeds until they are completely covered.

Step 4:

Lightly water using a spray bottle, if you have one. Then place your egg-carton garden in a sunny location. The magic happens fast – expect to see little sprouts in a matter of days. Children will love to watch the seeds grow! For added fun – have children keep a daily journal, recording the height and growth of the plants.


Step 5:

Once the seedlings are 3-4 inches tall (or 3 weeks old) transplant to a sunny location in a garden or large container.

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