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Getting Back to Simple

BY: AMY KERSEY | www.toddlerhoodandothershenanigans.wordpress.com | Joint Base San Antonio

Fresh Kids Eat Fresh.

As a new military spouse, I was excited for the many surprises that awaited me as we transitioned from Colorado to Texas. One of the biggest challenges so far is the realization that I’m not “just around the corner” from anything! In Colorado Springs everywhere I needed to go took fifteen minutes on any one of three major roads. In San Antonio if I were to leave my phone at home or zoom away without it fully charged I may never find base again. It’s in these unfamiliar moments, when the surprise wears off, that I begin to long for familiarity. Speaking of familiarity…

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We Once Made Healthy Choices.

Alright mama’s,  I am going to be COMPLETELY honest here.  Be gentle. At first, I hesitated to blog for a whole grain, gluten free, Non-GMO company.  I love a good ice cream cone on a warm sunny day. Heck, I considered home delivery options for a permanent soft serve machine when I was pregnant. If you’ve ever been pregnant or vacationed on a cruise, this resonates. Twenty-four hour ice cream? I’m in! Sometimes I feel like I am the world’s worst mom when it comes to healthy balanced nutritious meals. Truly.  And strangely I was the ‘make your own baby food‘ mom and proud of it! (Thanks Tyler Florence!)

Somewhere along the way… like that ridiculously long drive from my new house to, um, anything… I lost my drive for healthy eating.  I’ve always been concerned about body image, and I’ve never strayed too far from a good workout. But nutrition is another bag of tricks.  Literally. Suppertime at our house is like Russian Roulette, Trick or Treat; you just really never know what the outcome will be. And my lack of ability prompts my own version of Kitchen Nightmares.  My husband jokes that I should stop trying new recipes, but the truth is I haven’t met many recipes I like.  I don’t know about other moms, but if I were having quarterly performance reviews this would be the area that needs improvement- the part of my job that keeps me from getting that big raise.

The Message is Simple.

But maybe it’s the transition from Colorado to Texas- from “Right around the corner!” to “Siri? How do I go from point A to point B?” I’m starting to realize something: in a place where it feels so hard to go anywhere, less seems to be more. For food anyway.

All out of mac n’ cheese? Okay. No more fruit snacks in the pantry? I got this. Who doesn’t love some fresh strawberries anyway? Add cheese and pretzels and we’ve got a healthy AND filling snack.  A juicy peach ripe off the vine? How about fresh carrots or snap peas from our backyard garden to go with the hummus we made yesterday afternoon? The kids LOVE it and the message is simple. Simple clean food really is better. It’s better for you, better for your sanity, better for your children, and – oh yeah – simple, clean food honestly does tastes better.

In every area of my life I am learning to appreciate the less-is-more mentality.  My youngest ate two helpings of mushrooms the other night.  Mushrooms.  You know how often I’ve made those for him?  Um, never. What four year old eats mushrooms?  But I’m learning to navigate through this transition, from Colorado to Texas, from regular mom to military spouse. And as I do, it’s so nice to have healthy snack food companies like Fresh Kids partnering with mama’s like me to grow a healthier generation of kids. Fresh Kids is committed to simple and clean ingredients. Check out the ingredients label on the items in your pantry, and you’ll see what I mean!

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  1. We gardened when I was a kid would like to get back to all natural foods.