Photo courtesy of Action for Healthy Kids.
Photo courtesy of Action for Healthy Kids.

Here We Grow in Texas

Fresh Kids joins the movement to help kids get healthy and active in Texas!

Fresh Kids is on a mission to bring good and healthy snacks to kids everywhere. Since launching Fresh Kids Pretzel Stix in Sam’s Club this month, we’ve gotten to know so many important organizations working hard to bring resources to Texas communities. Like Fresh Kids, these organizations and communities are teaching kids to LOVE healthy foods. And kids are learning healthy habits – like staying active with exercise and movement, and supporting sustainability through recycling and composting.

We just love celebrating positivity in Texas! And we LOVE growing healthy kids and healthy schools. (Learn more about our Ready, Set, GROW! campaign, sharing seeds with kids and schools to teach kids where food comes from and how it grows!)

Photo courtesy of Action for Healthy Kids.


One in four kids in Texas live in what is called a food insecure household. This means there is not enough food in the home, or there is uncertainty in whether their will be food in the future. At the same time, the obesity rate in Texas is nearly one in five, for children ages 10-17 years old. Food problems make a real impact on our kids and on our communities. Hungry kids are more likely to have to repeat a grade in school, and to have social and behavioral issues such as aggression, anxiety and bullying. Hungry kids are also more likely to experience developmental challenges. Childhood obesity is linked to diabetes, asthma, and heart problems.

Texas Action for Healthy Kids  has been working hard since 2008 to build a network of organizations across Texas to tackle the problem. Through Action for Healthy Kids and its partners – more than ever before – kids in Texas have access to healthy foods. Kids are growing their own food and learning to appreciate healthy eating and living habits.


Photo courtesy of Action for Healthy Kids.

Fresh Kids is joining communities all over Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida – TO GET KIDS AND SCHOOLS HEALTHY!

Photo courtesy of Action for Healthy Kids.

We’d love to learn your stories of GROWING HEALTHY KIDS – tell us about what your community, school, organization and family is doing to inspire kids to grow up healthy!

And remember, you can now find Fresh Kids at your local Sam’s Club.

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About Fresh Kids – Fresh Kids is an independent food company re-imagining and re-creating snacks for kids. Fresh Kids believes in healthy kids. And believes that all kids should have access to healthful and good food. That’s why we started in schools first. For more information, visit us at



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