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Packing a Healthy Picnic for Kids


Fresh Kids Foodies Share a Healthy Picnic with Grimmway Farms and True Organic Juice

No better way to celebrate the end of summer than a sunny picnic with friends. We were lucky enough to have the amazing team from Grimmway Farms give us a tour of our local Whole Foods store to help us plan a healthy and delicious summer picnic lunch!

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During our tour we learned that the story of Grimmway began in 1968, after two brothers set up a small roadside produce stand, and planted the seed for a future of farming.

Photo Credit: Grimmway Farms

The small stand was only the beginning of something delicious. That seed has since blossomed into today’s Grimmway Farms – the largest grower, producer and shipper of carrots in the world!

Behind every great carrot, there is a great story.

The Grimmway family is rooted in California’s San Joaquin Valley – one of the world’s premier climate growing regions. With a business model that is dedicated to quality, integrity and community – the family farm, and one produce stand, has had much success and growth since. Today, their land and business includes over 40,000 acres dedicated to carrots alone! From shredded carrot packs, carrot stixx, coins, and baby carrot packs – Grimmway has a wide variety of carrots to satisfy anyone in need of a healthy snack.

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Their produce extends way beyond the carrots! Grimmway Farms Organic division, Cal-Organic Farms  began in 1983, and is made up of thousands of certified organic acres. Over 75 different crops are grown to strict USDA standards, including: beets, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, leaf lettuce, kale, radishes, tomatoes, spinach, fruits, and more in the southern San Joaquin Valley as well as other California regions.

Grimmway farms takes pride in being land stewards too, helping to preserve the planet through sustainable farming practices from the field, the packing house and even the store shelf. Just one of their many initiatives – is energy conservation through use of solar power.  Grimmway has installed a total of 4.25 megawatts of solar power spread between 5 different facilities to help with the cause.

Photo Credit: Grimmway Farms

The beautiful beets were incredible! The color was bright and full of life.

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Now that’s a head of lettuce! Lil Kid loved exploring the fresh, hearty lettuce heads and greens.

Grimmway Farms F

“Carrots please mommy!” We couldn’t forget Lil Kid’s favorite treat.

The perfect healthy snack – an absolute must for our picnic!

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We learned that Grimmway bottles their yummy foods too! In 2014, TRUE Organic Juice was developed utilizing Cal-Organic vegetable and fruit juices to provide an organic option to the premium juice category.

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Nothing in here but the good stuff. Just 100 percent juice. A true farm-to-bottle experience. With 9 yummy flavors such as Blissful Beets, Kaleifronia, and Banaberry Crush – it was hard to choose just one! Lil Kid has a quick favorite – Citrus Carrot! A refreshing mix of apples, grapefruit pineapple, and a mix of 22 other veggies! So refreshing and healthy on the go, and the perfect juice for our picnic.

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Our tour guides, Romeo and Kellen, the amazing New York team of the Grimmway dream. Thank you for showing us your yummy produce, and helping us choose the perfect picnic ingredients!

With a little prep at the house and we were set for a friendly afternoon of nature, yummy foods and friends. We love including Fresh Kids Clean & Simple Snacks together with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables – a perfect picnic spread!

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Our picnic spread! Veggie wraps, carrots, potato salad, broccoli, cauliflower, watermelon, blueberries, and of course Fresh Kids Clean & Simple Snacks! We love including especially all the bountiful Grimmway Farm’s produce we explored at the market!

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Picnics are best with friends! We gathered our closest friends for a healthy picnic in a local park.

Grimmway Farms O

Everyone’s favorite! Carrots with hummus are the perfect picnic snack. In the hummus we added a little bit of beet to create a sweet treat, as suggested by Kellen. A wonderful addition, and love that we’re adding in another vegetable to our diet!

Grimmway Farms P

Can’t get enough of the perfect picnic sized baby carrots.

Grimmway Farms Q

Veggie good time in the park! The kids loved all the amazing options of foods to try, and sharing a healthy meal together. It was a rainbow of yum! We created these wraps with all of our favorite Grimmway’s veggies. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and carrots of course! The absolute perfect veggie sandwich wrap!

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Drinking their veggies and fruits! Love that these juices are packed with what our little ones bodies need to grow happy, healthy and strong.

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A deliciously fun afternoon with friends!

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Grimmway Farms and True Organic Juice are helping to bring the farm experience to New York City this fall, as a sponsor for the Farm Fresh Festival for Kids! On Saturday September 17th, Lower Manhattan will transform into an interactive and experiential farm environment for kids and families. The Seaport District will come alive with the sights, tastes, play, and harvest of a farm through fun discovery zones stationed at the festival. Grimmway Farms will be at the Festival with yummy carrot and organic juice samples, and interactive games and farm-centered education!

Find more information on the upcoming Farm Fresh Festival for Kids, and our farm-fresh sponsor Grimmway Farms HERE. See you at the Farm in the City of September 17th!

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