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Strawberry Picking With Friends


Summer is officially here – our favorite time of the year!

The growing season is in full swing, and our favorite farms come alive with delicious fruits, vegetables and lush greenery. Such a magical time of year!

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We absolutely love visiting farms this year to see the crops, and to help support local growers.


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We recently gathered a group of friends to visit the beautiful Garden of Eve farm in the North Fork of Long Island. Known for their certified organic produce, environmental practices, and wide range of fruits and vegetables, the farm was on our must visit list.

Garden of Eve is also known for one special activity this time of year – strawberry picking! What’s sweeter than being able to pick your own fresh berries? Picking your own produce, seeing first hand where it comes from, and how it is grown is such an amazing lesson for children, planting the seed of healthy lifestyles and eating for a lifetime.

After picking we brought along a perfect summer picnic treat – the ingredients to make a yummy farm fresh fruit and yogurt parfait, right here at the farm! An easy (and delicious!) way to celebrate our favorite time of year with friends!

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Exploring the beautiful fields is an even better experience when shared with friends. The gorgeous strawberry fields were alive with greens and wild flowers. Such a beautiful setting for our magical day.

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Some of the gorgeous wild lupine petals came waist high to the children!

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Love the lessons on the field of how to look for the perfect berry. Sometimes playfully hiding beneath its leaves, it may take a bit of searching for the perfect pick.


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When you find one – it’s a berry fun discovery! Such an exhilarating moment (and memory) for a child to find the perfect berry.

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And even sweeter to sneak a bite. Delicious!

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Spotted! More berries!!

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Picking is the best part.

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And discovering with friends even better!

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Look at the beautiful color! Straight from the earth. Fresh, and delicious!

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Time to picnic! Our Farm Fresh Parfait is an easy to make recipe for kids, and the perfect (and delicious) summer treat.

Farm Fresh Parfait Ingredients:

  • Strawberries – washed and cut in half
  • Blueberries – washed
  • Farm Fresh Yogurt
  • Cups (we used mason jars!)
  • Spoons
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Step 1: Place strawberries in your cup. Place enough berries so that it covers the bottom of the cup, creating a base.

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Step 2: Add a layer of yogurt on top of the berries.

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Step 3: Repeat with blueberries, and another layer of yogurt. The goal is to create defined layers creating beautiful stripes of farm fresh color.

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Step 4: Top off with a layer of freshly picked strawberries

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Step 5: Enjoy! As the children exclaimed “Yummy Mommy – this is soooo good!”

Love filing their bellies with healthy fresh food.

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The perfect Farm Fresh snack! Happy Summer Everyone!

Fresh Kids is bringing the farm experience to New York City this Fall! This special Farm-Fresh Parfait will be just one of the many cooking experiences for children at the Farm Fresh Festival on September 17th, in Manhattan’s South Street Seaport neighborhood. The Festival will teach kids through experiential play and activities, where food comes from, how food grows and lessons of sustainability. Most important, kids will taste and enjoy healthful good foods in a fun, festive and safe environment.

Find more information on the amazing Farm Fresh Festival HERE 

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