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Twinkle Twinkle, My Little Star!

BY: AMY KERSEY | | Joint Base San Antonio

Last week my little was the Star Student at school. Normally, this means I’m frantically scouring the grocery aisle for the perfect school snack he can share with his class. You know- the single-serving size snack that needs to be healthy enough to please us mom’s and tasty enough to get the kids excited? Oh, and bulk packaging would be nice too!

Yes, you guessed it.

Yes, you guessed it. I’m a proud mom blogger for Fresh Kids. Of course I went straight to Sam’s Club to get the 50-count case of Pretzel Stix! Great value, simple ingredients, and an adorable brand that gives back to the community.

So my dimple cheeked boy had the joy of sharing some of his favorite snacks with his class. As his mama, I’ve always enjoyed my twinkling little star, shining brightly, from one grand adventure to the next. And what better time to celebrate my little star than the Month of the Military Child!  No one knows how to celebrate quite like my Tin Man.  His fervor and zeal for all life experience is contagious.  This kid doesn’t just laugh.  He laughs heartily, mouth wide-open and all. He has been doing this practically since birth!

But you need to know ALL military kids deserve some celebrating.

There is something about those big, dimple deep, all in grins.  Ah!  They oddly hurt my heart because I know life will deal him blows that lower the soft edges that shape those cute smile lines on his little face.  But now in these precious moments we celebrate!  The only thing I like better than celebrating my children is having other people acknowledge and celebrate them too.  But you need to know ALL military kids deserve some celebrating.

When my husband first joined the Air Force and he was away at basic training, people would tell me often, “thank you for your service”.  I’d think to myself, “I am not the one serving.”  I think they could gauge what I was thinking by the expression on my face. They would reassure me that my contribution was just as important.  I never really understood that until now.  As I transition to our new normal, from Point A to Point B, I see these huge differences that are being shaped in me.  From full time working mom to “wait..I don’t know a single babysitter in San Antonio!”  And while military life has its challenges it has its celebrations as well! And our kids are a HUGE part of that.

Military kids face these challenges fearlessly- with every move, and every goodbye hug with their service member.  We could stand to learn from them as parents, no doubt. And that’s why I’ve bought in to wonderful healthy food brands like Fresh Kids. I believe I owe it to my kids to nurture them and grow them to use this same fearlessness to reach their greatest potential.

Amy is a guest mom blogger and military spouse stationed at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.

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