Fresh Kids Snacks Launch at Sam’s Clubs

Whole-Grain Healthy & Super-Yummy Pretzel Stix Now at Sam’s Clubs Locations!

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Fresh Kids, an independent food company with a mission to get kids thinking and snacking healthier, is happy to announce FreshKids Pretzel Stix is now available at select Sam’s Club locations. Parents and child educators can find Pretzel Stix in a convenient 50-count box of 1 ounce trays. Each snack tray meets USDA requirements of the National School Lunch program and the whole grains recommendations of MyPlate.

The new collaboration with Sam’s Club allows Fresh Kids to fulfill its vision to make healthful and good foods accessible to all children in communities in Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. Fresh Kids will be available beginning February 7th and will include a special promotion, offering free seed packets for family and school vegetable gardens.

Fresh Kids believes in healthy kids. And Fresh Kids believes that all kids should have access to healthful and good foods. That’s why Fresh Kids started in schools first. Fresh Kids specially created for schools the Whole-grain & Honey-kissed Pretzel Stix tray, to meet the USDA requirements for a whole-grain serving, and are Smart Snack approved. Pretzel Stix were introduced to schools in 2015, and are enjoyed in schools around the country now.

At a time when schools are getting healthier and moms are scrutinizing ingredients and labels, Fresh Kids products are always made with non-GMO, clean and simple ingredients. This is the Fresh Kids promise.

“We believe in healthy and active kids! We believe HEALTHY is the new cool!”

About Fresh Kids – Fresh Kids is an independent food company re-imagining and re-creating snacks for kids. Fresh Kids believes in healthy kids. And believes that all kids should have access to healthful and good food. That’s why it started in schools first. For more information, visit


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  1. Sixty years ago I learned to love growing food to contribute to our big farm family. It was a wonderful feeling that I would now like to share with the little ones in my life.